We can optimize your internet performance!

Do you want to connect users over a large area?

With a Wide Area Network (WAN), you can connect users over a large geographical area. WANs allow for a much larger and more intricate network, and can span over nearly any distance.

At DMS Services Inc., our specialists provide all the services required to manage your WAN:

  • Configuration
    We manage new configurations, moves, add-ons, and changes in a way that won’t interrupt your service.
  • Performance
    In order to ensure your WAN is providing the best performance possible, we use various tools that allow us to measure response times and test the efficiency of your connections. This includes CPU utilization, bandwidth utilization, latency & CPU utilization.
  • Security
    We understand the importance of security when it comes to WANs. DMS Services Inc. provides you with assistance in developing and implementing security plans to ensure your networks are as secure as they are fast! We make sure you are protected with the highest levels of protection.